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Angelica Mack , Ribault Bakery

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Ribault Bakery-Angelica Mack 

813 Lomax St, Jacksonville , FL 32204
Phone: (904) 304-5799

What is the name of your restaurant?

Ribault Bakery

What type of food do you serve?
Coffee, Pastrys, sandwiches, salads

What side of town are you located?
Riverside/5 Points

What is unique about your restaurant?
It is like a little piece of Saint Augustine which is where I am from. It belongs on St. George Street with the expresso aromas and fresh croissants!



What compliments do you hear most often from your customers?
Everything looks amazing! They say it is obvious so much love and care went into the work. You can not get this food out at the store.

What is your funniest customer story?
My first day! I have not been a waitress before and I was bringing a hot plate outside to a table and I push the front door open and I knocked all the food on the window and I just had to watch the food slide down the door. I still received a great tip and compliment. however due to my quick recovery. It was so clichet! The food slid down the window so slow!


What do you want people to know most about your business?
I would want them to know that the owner Alex works very hard and the food will not disappoint! My mother loves the chocolate croissants! When you step in it feels like a little slice of Italy or France.