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Date Night With a Side of Beef

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Have you ever eaten a piece of meat that simply melts in your mouth? How about one that is normally tougher than 15 miles of back country road? Walking into Kitchen on San Marco for dinner one night I was expecting a good meal but what my date and I got was nothing short of extraordinary. With Winter determined to give us one final cold blast of the season before Spring sprung, both my date and I were craving something hearty to fill our bellies and warm our bones, and Chef Ryan Randolph and his team of culinary artisans did not disappoint.

But on to the meats. My date opted for the grilled hanger steak, cooked medium rare, topped with a sinful salsa verde and paired with grilled broccolini and roasted sweet potatoes. For a cut of beef that is so easy to ruin and turn into charred boot leather, the chef grilled this beauty to perfection, not letting its lean nature dry out or get chewy. I, even after partaking in a few hors d’oeuvres at a networking event before dinner, was in the mood for something a little richer. Thus I opted for the braised short rib with roasted squash and charred cipollini onions served on a bed of Anson Mills white grits. To say this meat fell apart does not do it justice, and combining each bite with a bit of onion and grits was the epitome of decadence.

Actually, I’m wrong on that. The epitome of decadence was the side dish we opted to share: their cast iron mac & cheese. This small platter of gooey goodness is loaded with aged cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, bits of pork belly, and topped with bread crumbs before being baked in a cast iron tray. This dish could have slapped me in the face and I would still love it.

We paired the whole meal with 2 glasses of their Pali Alphabets Pinot Noir, a wine neither of us had ever tried before but will be searching for at every store in town until we can find it since it pairs so perfectly with great meat.

So if you’re in search of a date night spot that can satisfy the carnivore in both of you without breaking the bank, get yourself down to Kitchen on San Marco and try these dishes before this menu departs and Spring brings new delights to their tables.