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Roy’s Restaurant – Jacksonville Beach Remodel

Roy’s Restaurant was founded in 1988 by Roy Yamaguchi. Roy’s originated in Hawaii which inspired its Hawaiian, Asian-fusion mixture of foods to come together into what Roy’s Restaurant is today. There are still many Roy’s locations in Hawaii, but the restaurant has spread to California, Dallas, Chicago, Florida, and several other states. The Florida coast makes for a great area for Roy’s Restaurants. All of Roy’s fish goes from boat-to-table,…


Beet It!

Jenn Leonard is the voice behind local running blog RunsWithPugs. She has lived in Northeast Florida for almost ten years, with her husband, son and grumble of pugs. Looking for a fun way to add some variation to your summer menu? Beets are your answer. These vegetables can be a delicious addition to any diet and…


GABF brewery participation at record levels

Every year about this time, beer-lovers around the country begin to start scouring the airline sites for cheap flights to Denver. Why? Because tickets to the epitome of beer festivals, the Great American Beer Festival (GABF), generally go on sale around the end of July or beginning of August. This year tickets go up for […]