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Sports Medicine Moment: Common Ankle Injuries – Lateral Ankle Sprain

So far, we’ve discussed cold weather injuries, common heart conditions, Athletic Training as a profession, and common foot injuries; relative to athletes and the physically active. We will continue with the lower body and discuss common injuries to the ankle. To begin things, probably the most common out of all the ankle injuries and arguably the most common injury in athletics, will be discussed. The ANKLE SPRAIN!!


Personal Chef Al Fuentes

Chef de cuisine at Town Hall Al Fuentes opened up to me about the his culinary journey and revealed a chef so completely dedicated to his profession I never wanted the story to end. Tell us about yourself? I originally started cooking while in high school and college to help support the family. I worked…


Royal Palm Village Wine & Tapas

Interview with owner, Kori Blacker Tafoya. Describe your business. One of a kind in a sense. Retail by day, restaurant by night. I would consider the dishes “Americanized tapas” because they are larger than the traditional, Spanish tapas. Royal Palm has been open nearly 6 years and started out with more traditional style tapas but…