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Personal Chef Rodrick Smith

  Do not underestimate the man behind the counter at Jax Diner, Chef Roderick “Sweet Pete” Smith. The forefather of the Food Truck movement here in the River City is one of the little-known facts about this delightful, funny and kind person. After an impressive stint in some of Jacksonville’s best dining spots he spent…


Headed to North Florida: Unique Collaboration Beer by Forbidden Root Brewery and Producer of Fernet-Branca

Earlier this year, Forbidden Root Brewery, the first botanical brewery in Chicago, announced plans to distribute its beers in Florida through Cavalier Distributing. The beers feature flowers, roots, leaves, herbs, and other ingredients found in nature.  Meanwhile, in Italy, the Branca family has produced generations of the renowned Fernet-Branca Italian Digestive Bitter liqueur, a proprietary…


Rare Fernetic to make a First Coast appearance

Forbidden Root Brewing Company beers have been available in Jacksonville for a while now, but the brewery’s unique Fernet-Branca inspired beer, Fernetic, has not made it south from Chicago – until now. In a press release, the brewery has announced that a limited amount – three kegs total – of the collaborative brew will hit […]