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Wanna know the history of your favorite sushi cafe? Steve’s (the owner and founders) love for cooking began in 1980s New York City while working in the kitchens of various Chinese restaurants to make ends meet. This same respect and appreciation for food would be instilled early on in his two young sons, Jimmy and Johnny, and inspire the opening of the first Bento Cafe nearly 20 years later. In the summer of 2002, Bento Cafe officially opened its doors a few blocks west of the University of Florida (where I went to college!) to a line of hungry college students, (Me!). The quick, casual pan-Asian eatery soon became a local favorite, and the growing demand for its unique, flavorful dishes prompted the opening of its second location…and third….and fourth.Not to mention that delicious sauce! Today, there are over 9 locations across Orlando, Gainesville, Jacksonville.