Cars and Coffee

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The crowds turned out early Saturday to mingle and car watch at the Avenues Mall. The monthly event is an opportunity for motor-heads to show off their pride and joy, while getting inspiration from other automotive enthusiasts. The clouds broke just enough this morning to allow the paint and chrome to shine.

The event is free all beginning at 7am and ending at 10am.

The mall food court offers breakfast and coffee as early as 8am.

Sponsors, Law Offices of Randy Reep, Tom Bush Family of Dealerships, Claude Nolan Cadillac, Beach Blvd. Motorsports, Performance Wealth, the FIRM, Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance and Automotive Film Professionals, where in attendance supporting this growing event.

The next Cars and Coffee it scheduled for Saturday July 8th. Visit to check out the latest test drives and vehicle reviews.