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Tech From Vets

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Jeff Shuford, Ph.D., is currently the president of the company Tech From Vets, a business that specializes in website development and band acceleration services. The company began when Lonell McCall, the current Vice President, asked if Shuford would like to start a business with him. The two military veterans founded the company based on the principle of using innovative technologies to help and serve the community.

Since the company’s founding in 2016, the company has been awarded with many accolades for their work, including being Named The Future of Veteran Owned Tech Companies, Best Veteran-Owned Tech Startup of 2016 and receiving the Technology Business of The Year 2016 Award.

One of the company’s creations, an app titled “Vets22”, has garnered a large amount of recognition in its own right. The app was developed by both Shuford and Drayton Florence, an 11 year NFL veteran, who wanted to create something that would help veterans with their transition back into the civilian world. The app connects veterans in northeast Florida to various food banks, fitness centers, various discounts, and includes a chat feature to communicate with other veterans in the area. The app has been featured on large news outlets such as Fox Sports and the Huffington Post.