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Aaron Irving, Integrity Law

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Aaron Irving

Integrity Law

1934 Retaw Street
Jacksonville, FL 32210

Phone: (904) 224-2100



  1. What brought you to Jacksonville?
    1. Law school at Florida Coastal. I had the choice between University of Miami Law School and here, and I chose here.
  2. Why did you choose to go into law?
    1. I think when I was seven I told my mom I wanted to be an attorney, probably because of what I saw on TV, and in 2nd grade I dressed up as one for career day. I just wanted to help people.
  3. How do you set yourself apart from other firms in the area?
    1. There’s a lot of good firms in town, and I enjoy working with about 90% of them. We offer free consults, which is becoming a rarity. We develop a gameplan to see what will work for you with your specific issue. No 2 issues are entirely alike, so hopefully we can develop a plan.
  4. Why did you choose your particular field of law?
    1. Honestly, I never wanted to do family law, but things happen for a reason and it fell in my lap. It’s now about 50-70% of what I do and I enjoy it. I wear multiple hats. One’s being an attorney and helping clients, and the other is being a counselor and helping people into the next phase of their lives.
  5. What advice would you give someone considering going to law school?
    1. Make sure it’s something you’re truly going to be passionate about. You have to understand that you’re going to work extremely hard, and won’t always be appreciated for it. You get into the field to help people, and you have to remind yourself of that all the time.