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Lindsey Brock, Rumrell, McLeod & Brock

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Lindsey Brock

Rumrell, McLeod & Brock


9995 Gate Parkway N.


Jacksonville, FL 32246

Phone: (904) 996-1100



  1. What brought you to Jacksonville?
    1. The railroad. My father worked for what was then L&M that merged with SeaBoard, and that eventually became CSX.
  2. Where did you attend law school?
    1. Thomas M. Cooley Law School along with an LL.M. in Admiralty Law from the Tulane University School of Law.
  3. Why did you choose to go into law?
    1. I graduated from UF with an English degree and a friend of my parents suggested I look  into it. I went to work for a local firm as a runner/file clerk and I greatly enjoyed it. After I graduated I went to work with the same senior partner who suggested I go to law school, and who is now my senior partner at our firm.
  4. What is your specific field of law?
    1. I do a mix of maritime, transportation, and commercial litigation. We represented about 25% of the value of the cargo that was lost in the El Faro incident.
  5. How do you set yourself apart from other firms in the area?
    1. Our flexibility and adaptability as a small, some would say “niche”, firm. We can better adapt to the clients’ needs. We don’t have any bureaucratic inertia.
  6. Why did you choose your particular field of law?
    1. It found me. The firm that I first went to work for had a lot of maritime cases. In law school I developed a good mentoring relationship with the professor who taught all these courses and he recommended me for the LLM program at Tulane. Maritime covers a large portion of commercial, transportation, and even some criminal law.