Community Focus 

SisterHermana Foundation, Inc.

In 2014, Veronica D. Glover, breast cancer survivor and widow to colon cancer; founded the SisterHermana Foundation, Inc., a grassroots 50I(c)3 charity organization whose mission is to empower communities to engage in individualized monetary or in-kind support for those living with cancer to meet the basic needs of daily life. While promoting cancer awareness throughout the community with an emphasis placed in demographics where the mortality rates are highest.
Our intent is to increase early detection with screenings, and follow ups. Therefore, each month armed with educational materials planned around the cancer awareness calendar, we canvass neighborhoods engaging in one on one conversations on the signs symptoms and risk factors of all cancers. SHFI believe through these individual encounters a young man or young women under the screening age of 50 could recognize they are experiencing symptoms and schedule a doctor’s appointment.
Additionally, knowing firsthand the road to recovery from this disease is extensive and expensive SHFI engages with families directly to meet their specific needs food, school clothes, the unclogging of a sink or summer camp for school aged children. All with the hopes of letting them know that they care and they are not alone.