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Get Your Taxes Filed for FREE

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Aaron Murdoch writes for JAX FREE and lives in Jacksonville, Fla. He is passionate about discovering cool events and services offered locally for FREE.

A few years ago  I filed my taxes for my wife, son and I and it ended up costing me over $300. I don’t know about you, but I felt that price was ridiculous. I was so ticked that these accounting firms cash in hard at the expense of hard working people during tax time. I was  bound and determined to find a cheaper alternative.

One sunny afternoon I was walking on the campus of Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ) and noticed a poster about taxes taped to a pole. It was an advertisement for the United Way of Northeast Florida regarding how they offered a service of preparing taxes for the public- absolutely FREE. I was shocked yet excited at the same time that my FREE tax filing dreams have came true.


I called the number that was listed on the poster and set up an appointment to get my taxes filed at the South Campus of FSCJ. To make a long-story short, we had our taxes prepared, filed and submitted completely FREE of charge.

FREE tax preparation is available from January 19 – April 18. Locations available throughout the Jacksonville area.

Would you like to get your taxes filed for FREE this year?

Contact the United Way and make an appointment at:

(904) 274-6194