Anna Eatz Jax 

Personal Chef Korey Konopasek

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What can you tell us about Epik Burger and what makes it unique?

We have been at our location for four years. What makes us different or unique; the burger choices are beef, bison, chicken, veggie, and salmon then we offer about thirty toppings for the burgers,  Many gluten-free options are available; we do make an attempt to provide healthy options so people can eat with us more frequently. Of course for those who want to throw caution to the wind, well we can do that also.

What would your recommendation be to a first-time customer?

We always recommend the Epicurean Burger which is blackberry jam, mushrooms, pancetta, balsamic mayonnaise, green onion parmigiana cheese and Maytag truffle mouse. Often it is just about feeling people out and asking questions; some people are not adventurous. Sometimes if people are not brave but want something different, I will suggest the Steak House Burger, especially if someone just wants the meat experience, this burger contains maître d butter, cornichon, caramelized onions.  Flavorful but the meat is the star.

Most popular dish on the menu?

The Epicurean Burger is the standout.

What is your favorite dish?

Fruit and Cheese Burger served on baguette four-year-old Quebec super sharp cheddar, bacon, honey drizzle, Riesling poached apples.


Epicurean Burger





Lamb Burger








Borson Cheese Burger