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Eva Kovacs, Arden’s

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Arden’s Famous Kountry Buffet-Owner Eva Kovacs

4555 St. Johns Ave, jacksonville , FL 32210
Phone: (904) 240-1404

Closed Monday
Tuesday 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Wednesday 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Friday 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM Seafood
Saturday 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM Breakfast

What is the name of your restaurant?
Ardens’s Famous Kountry Buffet

What type of food do you serve?
Southern style buffet with a European twist

What side of town are you located?
Ortega area

What is unique about your restaurant?
For me it was like the orignal owner built the legacy from where they started but along theyre journey they lost theyre way and went into quanitity not quality. This place is now mine. If you continue to do something right from your heart something good will com out of it. I am ready for anything and I put my heart and soul into this place.

How many people visit your restaurant on a daily basis?
75-175. It varies. We would need help with getting new customers.

How long have you been in this industry?                                                    Twenty years as a waitress, bartender, cook. I always wanted to have my own restaurant. This project happened over night. We were thinking of moving back to New Jersey then the possibility of buying Ardens Buffet fell in my lap! I need help marketing myself though.

What is your busiest day or night?
It is random. People are confused if this place is still open or if Arden’s even still exists. Its buzzing that we are under new ownership and open for business.

What’s your best-selling dish?
Pork chops and mushroom gravy. (Pictured above)

What compliments do you hear most often from your customers?
People tell me I make this place better since I bought it. I love my customers. I try to talk to every single person that comes in here every day. They share theyre storys with me and it makes my life on the rainy days we all have.

When customers are having a really good time at your business, what are they doing?
Good food, good people, good everything=Having a good time. All emcompassing. People make a lot of friends here. I try and put a smile on every bodys face in the process.

What was the last biggest change to your menu?
I try to make the menu what my customers love. I want 22 veggies at all times on the buffet and we always have our famous pork chops.

What does your staff enjoy about working here?
They tell me “Eva, this dosnt seem like a job. The last 6 months have been the most amazing of my life working for someone like you”. Customers say, “Eva has changed this place for the better.”

What do you want people to know most about your business?
I want them to know I am here every day to make this the best experience possible for you. If you leave unhappy I will give you $10 because its impossible to leave this place unhappy.