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Harris Brantley George 111, Corky Bell’s Restaurant

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Corky Bell’s Restaurant-Harris Brantley George III

1049 Floyd St. Fleming Island, Fl 32003
Phone: (904) 284-1379

Everyday 10am-9pm

What is the name of your restaurant?
Corky Bell’s Seafood & Steaks Restaurant

What type of food do you serve?
Southern style seafood and steaks

What side of town are you located?

Fleming Island

What is unique about your restaurant?
The enviroment is so friendly and family oriented. Everybody speaks to one another!

How many people visit your restaurant on a daily basis?
3000 people a week

Do you have Happy Hour?
No, we do not serve any alcohol what so ever!

Tell me about your food.
Hush puppies are sweet and delicious we use diced fresh onions and eggs and add sugar. I have worked for Mr. BELL sicne 1994. He has always implemented that he wants it done this way. Our cheese grits are amazing. Everything is doctored up here, made from scratch.

How did you get into the Food industry?

My family has a strong emphasis on food. My mother she made wedding cakes. At 16 she wanted me to get in with the working class. So when I was 16 I started at my first restaurant. I hated it. Ekos Pizza in Palatka.

What is your busiest day or night?
Friday nights

What’s your best-selling dish?
Fried Shrimp, a lot of blackened mahi, fried oysters

What compliments do you hear most often from your customers?
We are complimented a lot on our service and the freshness of our food.

Have you ever thought of opening up your own restaurant?

Ive often compared it to putting a $100 token into a slot machine. It is a gamble. It has to be good all around in every way. Corky has got a great name in this business.

What was the last biggest change to your menu?
Not really within the last year, not taking anything away. Authentic morcoran clam chowder is not going anywhere.

What does your staff enjoy about working here?
Not a big turn over. Most employees have been with me three four or more years, We are more like family.

What do you want people to know most about your business?
It’s an old family style recipe since 1979. Mr. Bell has always has us  make our own sauces, our cocktail, our tartar sauce, hush puppies, our seafood is a fresh as possible. No chemicals, no preservatives. Our steaks are hand cooked. Our 10 ounce hamburger is hand made too! Come out and see us!