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Mobile Munchies: Blue Pacific Grill & Taco Bar

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When one travels the world, one is exposed to culinary concoctions that excite the palate and the mind. When a chef is the one doing the traveling, they also tend to get inspired. That’s the premise behind the Blue Pacific Grill & Taco Bar truck. Its chef and chief visionary is the man known as Izzy: a man who has taken his love of travel and love of tacos to a new level of flavorful integration. Drawing from flavors found on his own journeys around the globe, Izzy has brought his delectable divinations to the First Coast’s food truck scene.

The day I ventured out to hunt this truck down, in Orange Park of all places, I was left with that most severe of dilemmas that befall all food writers: what was I going to eat? Everything sounded so amazing, and the smells coming out of that trailer tantalized my senses to no end. I finally narrowed it down to a mix & match of their mojo chicken and their “best seller” slow cooked pulled pork with a side of lumpia for good measure. I was even nice enough to snag my boss a pair of their baja fish tacos as he has been suffering under a diet of salads for far too long.

The tacos themselves are quite large; there’s no skimping on these things. All of Blue Pacific’s offerings come on tasty grilled tortillas, adding an extra level of flavor to what is already a power-packed meal. The mojo chicken, nicely marinated before it’s grilled, pairs well with the lettuce, tomato, cheese, red onions, cilantro, & pico de gallo, and is more than succulent when it hits your lips. The slow cooked pulled pork is other worldly when topped with their slaw, fried onions, potato straws, scallions, and a chipotle mayo that has a tanginess that can and will blow your mind. Their lumpia is another matter. In a town with so many options for lumpia, Blue Pacific’s comes in as one of the tops I’ve ever had the privilege of trying. Make sure you try it with not only their sweet chili dipping sauce, but also what I can only describe as a yum yum sauce that brings out a whole new realm of flavor combinations.

So if you’re lucky enough to be able to hunt this rig down on the days when it’s out and about, do yourselves a favor and come and try their flavors. You can thank me later.

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