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Chef Cecilia E. Lluberes

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Name: Cecilia E. LLuberes
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Chef Cecilia Lluberes began her culinary journey by making housemade sauces and marinades and now shares her cooking prowess with clients all over Jacksonville.  We caught up with this amazing Chef and received the dish on her early upstart.

When did you find an interest in cooking?
When I was 7 years of age

How did you receive your training to become a chef?
My grandmother was my first mentor. Then at school a noncurricular class was offered, International Cuisine, and I took it. Later, in life I graduated as a Caterer from Penn Foster Career.

What cuisines influence your style of cooking?
A combination.  Middle Eastern, Italian French, Spain and native, being born in the Caribbean, you add them all and you get an explosion of flavors much like a peacock!

What is your most memorable kitchen experience?
When I was around 17, my father’s friends came to visit.  They hadn’t eaten so I prepared an Arroz con Pollo and he kept critiquing the way I was doing it (he had been owner of a hotel and Chef and he would say ‘you are not doing it the right way’. I just kept cooking. Everyone ate and he left with the friends to visit all the others sisters and brothers, and just kept saying what a wonderful meal I had prepared just for him!  I will never forget that.

Do you have a specialty dish that your family and friends always want you to make?
Yes, many of them.   However I frequently make the “Sancocho” which is a typical soup, very hardy.

Most unusual dish you have eaten:
Iguanas, and Beggar Chicken

What are your favorite ingredients to use?
Garlic, onion, oregano

If you could have your own cooking show what would you name it?
Ethnic Roots!

Favorite celebrity chef(s):
I like them all, truly.  But among them, I like Chef Geoffrey Zakarian and  “Alex” Guarnaschelli


Recipe: Egg White Omelet

 3 egg whites
1 one whole egg
2 slices of mozzarella
Few fresh Spinach Leaves
2 slices of sweet peppers
1 slice of ham
2 grape tomatoes cut in half and seed removed
1.5 tsp of extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper

 Heat a 9” pan, add egg whites, let congeal a little on top place 1 mozzarella slice.

When it has cook a little, place on top whole egg, let it cook a little add the ham, keep it in center

Place other mozzarella slice, top it with Spinach, peppers,  salt & Pepper. Let it cook a couple of seconds then with spatula fold in half. Cook a little longer then transfer to plate.