Two Thumbs Up 

Hobnob Food and Social Exchange

HOBNOB Happy Hour Social Bites

HOBNOB is the place you want to take friends to hang out, relax and have drinks. With the modern interior, patio seating, and comfy sectionals available in the bar area, they did an excellent job of offering space for those who may just want a drink and hang out. 

A new happy hour menu is now available from 5 to 7 p. m. Tuesday through Friday, so we had to stop in to give it a try.

The first thing we noticed were the drink prices, possibly the most competitive in town. HOBNOB offers $3 champagne flutes all day, $4 local beer, $6 drafts, $5 wine, and $6 classic cocktails.

Mussels, prepared with shallots, garlic, beer broth, homemade fennel sausage, and bacon aioli, with a side of toasted grilled country bread

We started with a classic Old Fashioned and The French 75, a combination of gin, lemon sugar, and bubbles.

The Social Bites bar menu offers up eight tasty options, from the very Southern FGT (fried green tomatoes with a pimento fondue) to the exotic Seared Tuna with kimchi cake. Priced starting at $6 for the FGT to $11 for the Seared Tuna, all of these dishes are large enough to share.

We began with the Mussels; one of my favorites.  This dish dares you not to dip into the soup.  Impossible!

An order of hummus is also a must-have – a simple dish, but tasty, with the hummus at a proper consistency and warm naan (the perfect vessel for delivery).

Tuna, with kimchi cake, kimchi butter, and frisee.

Our last selection was the tuna, perfectly seared and set atop a rich cake of chopped kimchi. The tuna – sweet and warm – paired well with the spice of the kimchi to create an incredible taste experience.

Stop in during the week for your experience, I do believe you will enjoy it!