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SET Performance

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Way more than just a gym! Sanders Elite Training (SET) Performance is a program that uses a scientific approach to customize a workout specifically geared for your body. They use V02 testing, which measures how much oxygen your body actually consumes during workout. Ultrasound technology is also used to identify the fat and water content in your body. Through this specialized process, the personal trainers at SET Performance can determine the best way to maximize each individual’s performance in their weight loss and stability of joint movement for everyday activities.

Jerrian Sanders, the founder of SET Performance, says they have a “90% success rate” through this method. The program can literally work for anyone, ranging from athletes to people wishing to develop corporate wellness through proper posture and exercise techniques, to even the average couch potato. With a background in kinesiology, biomechanics, and training professional athletes, you can rest assured that Sanders and his team knows exactly how to craft out a program to specifically reach your body goal.

Business name: SET Performance

Phone: (904) 992-2001