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Always Be Seen

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Jenn Leonard is the voice behind local running blog RunsWithPugs. She has lived in Northeast Florida for almost ten years, with her husband, son and grumble of pugs.

Outdoor workouts are a great way to take a break from the gym, as well as get a feel for actual conditions during road and cycling events, but for those who need to get in training in the darker hours, visibility is a vital safety measure.

While wearing bright colors is helpful, reflective gear and lights are critical on the road, especially if streetlamps are in short supply.

Most workout apparel and shoes have reflective details that illuminate in headlights. Bicycles can be outfitted with front and rear lights. Athletic shops carry LED headlamps, or lights that fit on hands or knuckles, clip on to shirts or hats, or attach to shoes.

These lights not only make athletes visible to vehicles and other people, but also help light up pavement and trails for better maneuverability.

Always be seen and always stay safe!