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Hydrating for Summer

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Jenn Leonard is the voice behind local running blog RunsWithPugs. She has lived in Northeast Florida for almost ten years, with her husband, son and grumble of pugs.

Even though it’s still technically spring, the summer heat has definitely descended upon Jacksonville. Working out through the summer calls for additional care in making sure you are fully and properly fueled.

Simple water is always the best choice. People are recommended to drink approximately two liters (or eight 8oz glasses) of water per day. Straight H2O fulfills all a body’s hydration needs.

Coconut water is another great option. While not necessarily better than regular water, it is possessed of higher levels of potassium and other nutrients.

Electrolyte replacement drinks also have their place. With the added heat, the sugar and salts in drinks like Gatorade and Nuun are helpful  in replenishing what our bodies lose through sweat and exertion.

Keep that bottle full and stay thoroughly hydrated this summer!