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It’s All In A Good Night’s Sleep

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Jenn Leonard is the voice behind local running blog RunsWithPugs. She has lived in Northeast Florida for almost ten years, with her husband, son and grumble of pugs.

With all the hustle and bustle in today’s lives, one thing that is easy to forego is a good night’s sleep.

The recommendation of eight hours of sleep every night is a valid one. While people’s needs vary,  a block of time of uninterrupted sleep is just what the body needs to recharge from the activities of one day and to prepare for the next.

How can you ensure an optimal sleep experience? Set up your bedroom as a calm, peaceful haven, conducive to relaxation. Minimize the use of screens while in screen (including the use of an e-reader). Finish eating an hour or two before you plan on dozing off so a full stomach doesn’t keep you up. Finally, cut back on caffeine starting around lunchtime so the side effects don’t interfere with your slumber.