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Working Out Through the Time Change

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Jenn Leonard is the voice behind local running blog RunsWithPugs. She has lived in Northeast Florida for almost ten years, with her husband, son and grumble of pugs.

It’s the first day of spring, which means we are one week into Daylight Savings time. Yes, the days will be longer and the sun shines much later in the day, but those dark mornings are rough to confront!

Recruit a workout partner. Knowing that someone is waiting for you makes it a little easier to ignore the snooze button and get yourself in gear.

Get enough sleep. Losing track of time with the brighter evenings is definitely a possibility. Make sure you keep your schedule regular by getting to bed at a decent hour.

Find a new challenge. Stay motivated with something new: register for a race, sign up for a new studio class, or commit to learning a new activity. Variety can be the best way to boost motivation.