Jacksonville Scene

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Jacksonville Scene sports leagues and social events have been enhancing the local community for 12 years and counting. The mission of the organization has always been to stay local and get charities involved. Jacksonville Scene allows individuals and teams to be a part of co-ed leagues and social events to interconnect with one another in a fun and exciting way. Any sport that you can think of, Jacksonville Scene probably hosts a league for it. There are the common sports teams like football, baseball and basketball but there are also the less ordinary sports such as, bowling, dodgeball, kickball, beer pong, cornhole and more.

The key to the success of this organization has been to always keep things fun. The atmosphere is lively at all sporting and social events. Getting involved is a great excuse to meet up with friends, old and new, and to blow off some steam throughout a stressful week. After games, there are specific venues that sponsor the events and will typically offer food or drink specials for those participating in the outing, yet another bonus of getting involved.

As warmer temperatures are approaching, indoor volleyball and bowling are starting to become more popular. Seasonal leagues run all through the week and they typically last 5 to 10 weeks. Price of registration includes equipment and administration at all events.

Jacksonville Scene is special because it allows members to individually register, giving those who don’t already have a team the opportunity to be a part of one and connect with people in the area who have similar interests.

In an interview with founder of Jacksonville Scene, Jason Ryan, BUZZ asked him what has changed about him since he created the organization. He said that the biggest difference was starting out in Jacksonville, going from not knowing anyone in a new city to now having countless friendships and large groups of people to spend time with while doing things they enjoy together. To date, Ryan has witnessed several marriages of couples that met and were kindled through Jacksonville Scene.

Ryan says his favorite aspect of Jacksonville Scene is seeing people come together, forming new relationships that never would have occurred if it weren’t for the organization and the events they host. Over the years, a lot of the teams and individuals that sign up for leagues or social events re-sign in the future because they enjoy the comradery it allowed them to be a part of. This organization continues to enhance the Jacksonville community.