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Academy of Scholars Inc.

Tell me about your school and what you have to offer to the community and when did your academy start?

I opened my school in 2014 in the hopes that I could change the way we help our children learn and grow. We are a private school with 28 students serving K-10th and as of this Friday I will be eligible to expand the school to the 12th grade. This allows me to be able to award my students with a diploma after all their hard work.


How is your teaching approach different from other school in the area?

In other schools they teach on an IEP for a large portion of their students but for me each student in my program has their very own IEP because everyone is different and everyone has a different way of learning. The way my students become so successful in their school career is by tailoring to what will make them succeed.


Where do you see your school in five years?

In every household. I want people to know who I am and what I have to offer. I have a passion for teaching and love when my students can say that they are proud of me for helping them get so far. I understand that there is more that I can do to help my students succeed and that’s why I have a work-study program. My goal is to expand my school to 84 students and keep the class size down to 14. I feel that this size is beneficial to their learning process.


Where can we find more information about you and your school?

904-274-1107 (School)