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Top 5 Places for Kids Sporting Goods

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1st Place Sports

3931 Baymeadows Road

(904) 731-3676

Young, aspiring runners will find themselves in great hands at 1st Place Sports. Friendly and experienced staff will help fit youngsters in the proper shoes for their still-developing feet, as well as offer tips and suggestions to get started in their running journey.


Baker’s Sporting Goods

3600 Beachwood Court

(888) 388-8126

Meet your children’s team needs at Baker’s Sporting Goods. With a retail location in Jacksonville, as well as a thriving online shop, parents and coaches can equip their teams with quality, logo’d uniforms and gear.


Black Creek Outfitters

10051 Skinner Lake Drive

(904) 645-7003

Locally owned, Black Creek Outfitters proudly offers plenty of outdoor and camping gear. Parents are also able to fully outfit their Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts with uniforms, badges, handbooks and equipment.


Dick’s Sporting Goods

10390 Midtown Parkway

(904) 642-2499

Dick’s Sporting Goods has it all for kids. From baseball to hockey, lacrosse to golf, camping to hunting and everything else, Dick’s offers a selection of gear, clothing, shoes and equipment for all ages.


Academy Sports + Outdoor

9041 Southside Boulevard #157

(904) 363-6720

Academy Sports + Outdoor provides a large variety of top brands in boys’ and girls’ athletic apparel, as well as a complete lineup of gear for youth team and individual sports. Check out their kids’ bikes and safety equipment as well.