What’s Happening

Get ready to laugh, sing and dance. Peppa Pig and all of her friends are coming to town! You and your family will love Peppa Pig in her new Live Surprise Show. In this new show, Peppa Pig, George, and all of their friends have new songs, dances, games, and adventures to show you and your family. Peppa Pig and her gang have had a long journey, making stops along the way to show everyone her surprise show. Audiences everywhere just love the newest Peppa Pig Show. Last year, she did a Christmas show and it was a hit! Now, she decided to make a new surprise that will go on year round. She will not be in town for long. If you have the opportunity, go and and see Peppa Pig Live! Surprise! For more information, visit https://www.peppapigliveus.com/.