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Local Middle-School Girl Starts GoFundMe for Kids Musical Theater Camp

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A local middle-schooler has started a crowd sourcing project in order to gain the opportunity to organize and direct a musical theater day camp this summer for 20-25 underprivileged children, who would be otherwise unable to attend a summer camp.

Abigail Fixel is a twelve year old girl who has a passion for musical theater. As is tradition for a Jewish young lady of her age, Fixel will be going through the right of passage known as a Bat-Mitzvah, which is a religious ceremony in which a young lady becomes a woman.

For her Bat-Mitzvah project, Fixel wanted to do something that was important to her, as well as something that could help out her local community.  She decided that she wanted to get other children involved in musical theater because she feels that they can greatly benefit from the arts, believing that it can help them gain more confidence and friends. She decided to name the project “Camp Fixel.”

The children will be performing the play Princess Whatsername, which follows the story of a princess who wakes up in a forest from a long slumber and doesn’t remember who she is. As she wanders about trying to find out her identity, she encounters iconic fairy tale characters, such as Cinderella and Snow White, and learns valuable life lessons along the way. Abigail’s favorite lesson from the play is the value of friendship and how good friends stay by your side.

The camp will be for children between 3rd and 5th grade from Brentwood Elementary and completely free of charge. The children will be provided with snacks and lunch each day, Monday through Friday, during the duration of the two-week summer camp. The food will be donated from local restaurants, however, Fixel will still need money for liability insurance, costume design, scripts, and videotaping equipment to record the performance.

If you wish to donate, here is the link to the GoFundMe page: