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Have you ever had a burrito born from the mind of a madman and served from a truck that’s decked out like a luchador’s fever dream? Well, I have, and it made me a believer. I’m talking about the insane(ly delicious) offerings from the Sweeto Burrito truck. These aren’t your abuelita’s burritos. With stuffings ranging from panko-crusted chicken with tater tots to ground beef with bacon, French fries, American cheese, and fry sauce, Sweet Burrito is delivering a hurricanrana to the culinary landscape of Jacksonville’s food trucks.
I’ve wanted to try these guys out for a while, but the timing was just never right. But on a hot, steamy, Florida weekday, I finally mustered the courage to challenge their Buff Chick burrito to a battle royale. The Buff Chick, like the rest of their offerings, comes in either a middle weight (3/4lb) or heavy weight (1 1/4lb) option. Not wanting to back down from the challenge, I took on the heavy weight. She’s loaded down with boneless, crispy, panko-crusted chicken, tater tots, cheddar cheese, a cilantro ranch dressing, and the choice of either a buffalo hot sauce or a sweet hot sauce. Since I’m rather fond of my taste buds, I opted for the sweet hot sauce option. This beast of a burrito had me on the ropes most of the match, but when I finally pinned it for the 1-2-3, victory was just as sweet as that sauce. The mixture of the crispy chicken, cheesy tots, and 2 sauces makes for a powerbomb of flavor in your belly, and you’ll never want to tap out to it, except for wanting a nap afterwards.
Now I was surprised when researching this truck that it is actually a franchise, with the original rig hailing from the oil fields of North Dakota. Nevertheless, the local owner/operators of Jacksonville’s Sweeto Burrito truck have done their originators proud, maintaining the standards that have allowed this concept to expand trans-continentally to, currently, 9 locations. So if you see this truck in a parking lot near you, give them a shot and let them powerslam some flavor into your mouth.

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