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The GEORGIA FLOOD at Jack Rabbits

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Described as Arctic Monkeys meets Alabama Shakes, The Georgia Flood will quench Jacksonville’s thirst for new indie-pop and alt rock as they release the levee on their bluesy rock jams on Jacksonville. Georgia Flood is opening for hard rock band, Dorothy at Jack Rabbits in Jacksonville on Saturday, March 3rd.  Next year they tour with Sister Hazel, a band they have previously joined forces with in raising money for “Rock By The Sea”, a charity project which raises funds for children fighting cancer.  The Georgia Flood is fronted by brothers, Brooks and Lane, who’ve been playing together since they were in middle school. “Music is the reason we had to share one room growing up. All the equipment was in the other bedroom”, says Brook Mason. Now that’s love.
Dorothy at Jack Rabbits in Jacksonville, w/ Special Guest The Georgia Flood
March 3rd, 2017