National Doughnut Day!

Celebrate National Doughnut Day and receive a free doughnut at these stores! The only thing that tastes better than a doughnut is a free doughnut. National Free Doughnut Day is the first Friday of June. This year it falls on June 2nd.

Cinotti’s Bakery

Cinotti’s Bakery is a local favorite in Jacksonville Beach. Cinotti’s will have pumpkin donuts for sale on National Doughnut Day! Order in advance because they WILL SELL OUT!

Good Dough

At Good Dough, customers can get a mini-doughnut for free on National Doughnut Day!

The Donut Shoppe

At The Donut Shoppe, every day is a holiday. They will continue business as usual, and their donuts are always tasty!

Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts customers will receive a free donut with a purchase of a beverage. You were thinking about grabbing an iced coffee anyway, so go ahead and get a free donut while you’re there!

Krispy Kreme

Customers can select from dozens of Krispy Kreme varieties like the classic, mouthwatering Original Glazed® doughnut or specialty flavors like the Chocolate Iced Kreme™ Filled Doughnut or Strawberry Iced Doughnut, depending on shop availability.