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Beer/Wine Bars: Beer:30 San Marco

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Beer:30 is a craft beer bottle shop and a tasting room in one. Local craft beer aficionados know that the shop also has a reputation for hosting new and limited special bottle releases, which draw large crowds, in addition to hosting tap takeovers and new beer launch events.

Business: Beer:30 (San Marco)

Business Address:  1543 San Marco Blvd.


phone: 904-518-4164

Business hours:  Mon-Thurs: 11am-9pm; Fri-Sat: 11am-11pm; Sun: 12-6pm

Interviewee: Jeff Burns, Owner

How would you describe your type of business?

We see our shop as a “try it before you buy it” type of Craft Beer Bar/Retail Shop.  We have 15 beers on tap at all times and rotate out about 7 to 8 kegs a week.  We offer sample size pours as well as full pours in the appropriate size glassware, and we do 32 and 64 ounce growler fills.  In a few weeks from now, we will start filling “Crowlers,” which are 32 ounce cans to go.  We also offer keg sales, especially from some local breweries who do not sell kegs directly to consumers.

What kinds of beers do you offer on tap?

Our tap list goes from lighter to darker beers. We try to offer a good mix of different styles. We generally offer one lager, a pale ale, several IPAs, and porter and stouts. We also mix in some sours, wheat beers, Saisons, red or brown beers, blondes and other styles. We listen to our customers’ desires and try to offer the types and styles they are seeking.

How many different beers do you offer in bottles or cans at retail?

We usually have 300+ cans and bottles on the retail side. Customers can take singles from any 4 or 6 pack and combine them in a mixed pack. Customers can also consume a single can or bottle at the bar, and, the emphasis is on trying it before you commit to buying the full 4 or 6 pack.

Have you seen any certain styles of beer rise in popularity, or have there been any trends recently?

The most recent trend we have seen is an increase in the popularity of Sour style beers.  A couple of years ago, you had to really seek out sour beers, but now most American breweries offer sour beers. The other trend we have seen is a shift in the IPA style from hop bombs to more sessionable IPAs and citrusy IPAs, and also a recent trend to lighter color or hazy IPAs.

Do you offer other types of beverages besides beer on tap or that customers can drink on site?

We offer a small selection of wines as well as craft sodas.

What kind of Happy Hour specials do you offer?

We do not focus on “Happy Hours,” but instead focus on weekly brewery spotlights, usually on Thursdays and sometimes on Wednesday or Fridays.

Who do you see more of at your bar/store: craft beer geeks or those new to craft beer?

We have our fair share of Craft Beer enthusiasts,  but we also cater to Craft Beer newbies who want to try out new beer styles.

What kinds of events do you host?

We mostly offer weekly events featuring microbreweries that we feature on our shelves and on tap.

What was the earliest time that people starting showing up for a special tapping or bottle release at your business?

The earliest was at 2 am for the Goose Island Bourbon County release.

Any funny or out-of-the-ordinary stories about any of your special events?

At our Alpine Beer event, the founding couple came to our shop all the way from San Diego, and they even signed a six pack holder.

What else would you like people to know about Beer:30?

We hope that our shop caters to any craft beer fan, and we see our shop as a neighborhood craft beer shop. Kind of like a Craft Beer version of Cheers!


Linda Johnson, Certified Cicerone®

Covering Florida’s beer scene and locally in North Florida

(photos by Linda Johnson)