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Beer/Wine Bars: Brewz The Filling Station, Atlantic Beach

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Brewz The Filling Station is a relaxed and casual place in Atlantic Beach that features a large selection of craft beer, along with wines. The bar offers a couple of outside tables, with several long picnic tables inside. Brewz will celebrate its First Anniversary during the week of April 2, with an Anniversary Bash on April 8, from 3-11pm. Brewz was founded by Brian Slucker and Jeremy Cadorette and opened on April 2, 2016 in a shopping center on Atlantic Blvd. Look for a second location coming soon.

Business: Brewz The Filling Station

Business Address: 1011 Atlantic Blvd., Atlantic Beach


phone: 904-372-9297

Business hours: Mon, 4-11pm; Tues-Wed, 4-10pm; Thurs, 4-11pm; Fri-Sat, 12-11pm; Sun, 12-8pm

Interviewee:  Brian Slucker, Co-Founder

How would you describe what Brewz is all about to someone who hasn’t been here before?

Brewz is a place where people can come have a drink or fill a growler from our award winning draft selection, while meeting great people in a chill environment. We have 42 rotating taps made up of about 36 craft beers, a few ciders and 4 wines on tap. We rotate about 20 each week as kegs kick. Our wines are also poured from kegs, including chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, pinot noir, syrah, and others.

What kind of Happy Hour specials do you have?

Happy Hour is Monday through Friday, 2 to 6 PM, with 15% off pints and flights and 10% off growler fills. We also have an award program, which gives our customers 10% back.

What kinds of special or recurring events do you host?

We also do a lot of events which include free food for our patrons, such as Free Pizza at least weekly, Free Hot Dog Nights with Long Island Bob, barbecues, Iron Chef competitions, brewery spotlight nights, Mexican food nights, fundraisers with celebrity bartenders, and more!

Your menu board for your taps lets customers know how much product is still available through a graphic. How did you decide to add that feature?

We decided to add that because it lets customers know which beers are selling quickly and which ones are close to running dry. This allows them to purchase before the keg runs out, especially if it’s something they really like or really want to have.

Who do you see more of at your bar: craft beer geeks or those new to craft beer?

We have a very diverse clientele, ranging from ages 21-80+. It’s a mix of people ranging from those with a lot of craft beer experience to newbies.

How did you get started in craft beer?

It’s a really long story. I have always loved craft beer, and the business always interested me. I went to Seattle and saw a hop shop that was bustling with people, and I asked myself why these places weren’t everywhere. So I decided to open one up!

What can you tell us about your second location that is coming soon?

The new location is a bit bigger, but very similar. We will have 4 extra wine taps for a total of 8 (4 whites, 4 reds). We are hoping to open by Memorial Day! The address is 14866 Old St. Augustine Road, Jacksonville.


What else would you like people to know about Brewz?

Brewz is a great place to grab an amazing beer – we have 27 different styles on tap right now! It’s a place to watch a game, hang out with friends, and meet new ones.


Linda Johnson, Certified Cicerone®

Covering Florida’s beer scene and locally in North Florida

(all photos by Linda Johnson)