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Beer/Wine Bars: Really Good Beer Stop, Jax Beach

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Although it’s a craft beer to-go and package shop and not a “bar” in the true sense of the term, Really Good Beer Stop in Jax Beach features 20 taps, and customers can enjoy a flight of craft beer or pint while they shop. Or, customers can simply come in and enjoy sipping some craft beer. Get to know Really Good Beer Stop a  little more in this Q&A.

Business: Really Good Beer Stop

Business Address: 323 – 10th Ave. North, Jax Beach


phone: 904-372-0910

Business hours: Mon-Thur 1-9pm; Fri-Sat 12-10pm; Sun 12-7pm

Interviewee: Angie Brack, Owner

How would you describe your type of business?

Really Good Beer Stop is a craft beer shop that specializes in package items, as well as beer to go from 20 rotating taps in “Growlers” and “Crowlers” (32 oz can).  People who come to our store are able to enjoy a flight to taste the beer that they want to take home or can enjoy a pint while shopping.

How many and what kinds of beers do you offer on tap?

We offer 20 different beers on tap, which are constantly rotating. Once one keg empties, another one with a different beer goes on. We attempt to have different beers of all styles on tap. During our first year, we were able to place over 700 different beers on our tap list.

How many different beers do you offer in bottles or cans at retail?

We also offer bottles and cans from our local breweries, and from all over the country.  We have an array of selections including a local only package section, gluten free area, and many sours and goses which are great for individuals who feel that “beer is not their thing”. We are now excited to have a reach-in cooler that allows customers to purchase or consume in store an individual can/bottle instead of committing to a full 6-pack or 4-pack purchase. The cooler also contains full package items for purchase for those who would like it cold when they leave the store.

Have you seen any certain styles of beer rise in popularity since you have opened?

IPAs continue to be the most active style for us.  We are starting to focus on more beers that are considered sour (Gose, Berliner and Sours) and have seen that these too are becoming very popular.

Do you offer other types of beverages besides beer?

Recently we changed one of our lines to always have a cider or mead on tap, and this has been a success.  For non-alcoholic options, we offer craft soda in bottles, and we are exploring options to add bottles of Kombucha to our cooler.

Who do you see more of at your bar: craft beer geeks or those new to craft beer?

Our goal is to cater to both. If you want to come in and geek out about beer please do and we are happy to talk and share bottles. If you are new to craft beer, don’t be intimidated!  We can start off with something that you like and start from there.  The nice thing is we have seen the two sides collide, and  that creates more geeks while developing friendships within our store. We are fully committed to creating a laid back community around craft beer.

Please tell us about the “Crowler” cans that you offer customers.

“Crowlers” are 32oz cans. We are able to fill the can with any beverage on our tap wall with our on-site canning system. These have been a huge hit and continue to be an excellent way for customers to purchase and take beer to go. Once done with them, they go in the recycle bin and everyone wins.

Do you host regular or special events?

We are doing more and more special events each month. If you check the calendar on our website or follow us on social media, you will be able to see what we have going on.  Some consistent events for this year is the brewery of the month, where we showcase a brewery and feature some kegs that are harder to get. We also enjoy hosting specific beer events. We always try to stay centric around “really good” beer and “really good” people.

How did you decide to open a business that fills growlers?

We ran in to the concept when we lived in Atlanta for a while.  Once we moved back home to Jax Beach, we knew that a shop like this would be a great addition to the community ,and RGBS was born.

How did you create the name?

We worked with our marketing partners, Adjective & Co, on the concept and brand design for the store. The name was born out of the goal to create a “not so serious” environment to enjoy “really good beer” while being very serious about our beer. We thought the name hit the nail on the head, while not leaving anyone stumped on what we sell. We all had a lot of fun with it, and Adjective & Co were able to create the name and concept perfectly.

What else would you like people to know about Really Good Beer Stop? 

We want to be your go-to spot for multi-brewery craft beer in Jax Beach. We’re also adding more package selections to our shop, and we’d like to be known as a “bottle shop stop” at the Beaches. Our team is passionate about the brewing industry and loves to talk with our customers about beer.  There are so many great breweries in Jacksonville and Northeast Florida, and the craft beer trend is really just getting underway here.  It is a great time to jump in and try new beer trends / styles, and we are happy to help people start their journey.


Linda Johnson, Certified Cicerone®

Covering Florida’s beer scene and locally in North Florida

(all photos by Linda Johnson)