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Beer/Wine Bars: V Pizza & Tap Garden, Mandarin

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V Pizza & Tap Garden offers an impressive list of draft beer and wine selections, in addition to its pizza and more. It hosts craft beer tap takeovers regularly, and it will kick-off Wicked Barley Brewing’s Jacksonville distribution launch on Tuesday, April 4 at 6pm (see the story, published a few minutes after it was formally announced on March 24.)

Business: V Pizza & Tap Garden

Business Address: 12601 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville (Mandarin)

Website: www.

Phone: 904-647-9424

Business hours: Sun-Thurs: 11am – 10pm; Fri-Sat: 11am – 12am

Interviewee: Will Cunningham, General Manager

How many taps of beer do you offer and what types or styles are there?

We have 50 taps in 3 categories: 13 domestic beers, 25 Florida beers, and 12 Imported beers. The taps are constantly rotating, so there is always something new! We carry all styles of beer, including IPAs, ales, lagers, wheat, browns, reds, sours, porters, stouts, and seasonal brews. We also have a pretty extensive bottle/can selection of domestic, import, and local brews that bring our total selection closer to 80 beers.


Do you offer other types of drinks besides beer at your bar?

We offer 10 different wines, all imported from Italy, 5 whites and 5 reds. We also offer Italian champagne, and occasional house made Italian sangria and wine cocktails. We literally have something for everyone! Even those “non-beer” drinkers have found a brew that they like because of the selection of fruit flavored brews and local and imported craft ciders.

What kind of Happy Hour specials do you offer?

“Hoppy Hour @ the Garden” is Monday thru Friday, 3-6pm.  With a few rare exceptions on some special release brews, all of our local (Florida) craft brews are on Hoppy Hour!

What types of beer/wine events do you host?

On most Thursdays from 6pm to 9pm, we have a Tap Takeover. We spotlight a brewery – mostly local – and have the head brewer come in to talk shop and sample some of their best brews. Customers can try new beers and get free glassware and brewery merchandise. The Tap Takeovers are located in the Tap Garden with overflow on the patio outside. There is an event every Thursday, either Brewery Spotlights or Wine Nights. Follow us on Facebook to always be “in the know.”

Can guests order pizza and other menu items at the bar? Please describe the food menu.

Tap Garden customers can order the full V PIZZA menu from the bar. The menu is based around authentic Napoletana style pizza, but it also includes our award-winning wood-oven fired chicken wings, calzones, strombolis, and paninis.

What kinds of activities or entertainment options are there for customers?

Trivia presented by Trivia Nation is on Wednesdays, with $100 store credit up for grabs. Thursdays are Tap Takeovers and Wine Nights. Live music on the patio almost every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. We also have the NFL Sunday Ticket, and the MLB package on all 10 big screen tvs.

Is V Pizza & Tap Garden family-friendly?

We are proud to be extremely family-friendly and have a back patio and play area featuring tons of extra seating, corn hole, 2 swing sets, and a kid-friendly bridge for them to play with, while the grownups enjoy the atmosphere, the brews, and the food!

What else would you like people to know about V Pizza & Tap Garden?

Pizza Napoletana is all about the QUALITY of the ingredients going into the pizza as WELL as the method of housemade and hand stretched dough cooked in wood-fired ovens capable of maintaining temps nearing 900 degrees.  We import many of our ingredients not ONLY because of the flavor, but also because of the health benefits from food that doesn’t contain artificial preservatives, GMOs, nitrates, nitrites, or added sugar.  It’s better for our guests, and we hope the dedication shines through in how the food tastes.  Our best special is every day between 11-3pm, when we offer a personal size pizza starting at 9.95 (includes soft drink).  All other times, we make one-size pizza just like Pizza Napoletana places in Naples, Italy.  We also have a growing Vegan and Gluten-Free fan base.  We now offer growlers of our amazing selection of brews that might be hard to find anywhere else!  Take it home!


Linda Johnson, Certified Cicerone®

Covering Florida’s beer scene and locally in North Florida

(all photos by Linda Johnson)