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Kid-Friendly: Engine 15 Brewing Company Downtown Tap Room & Biergarten

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Engine 15 Downtown Tap Room (photo by Linda Johnson)

In addition to serving its local beer at its brewpub in Jacksonville Beach, Engine 15 Brewing Company also produces beer at its production facility and warehouse in Downtown Jacksonville. The Downtown venue features a large tap room and outdoor biergarten, which opened last October, and is family-friendly. Mom and Dad can enjoy beer, while the kids play!

Location: Engine 15 Brewing Company Downtown Tap Room & Biergarten

Address: 633 Myrtle Ave N, Jacksonville

Hours: Friday 4:30-8:30pm & Saturday 1-8:30pm


Interviewee: Kara Scremin, Marketing Maven

Engine 15 Brewing Downtown Outdoor Biergarten (photo by Linda Johnson)

What kinds of activities does Engine 15 Downtown have for kids to enjoy?

We have a playhouse, a climb-on seesaw/airplane, giant chalk board, cornhole, horse shoes, bocce ball, and giant Connect 4. Plus LOTS of room to run around outside while mom and dad have a beer at a picnic table!

Why do you consider your location family-friendly?

We welcome families and have a very cool set of regulars now who all come over with their kids, so there is always someone to play with.  We bring our kids and they have a blast!


Are activities for kids available during all of your open hours?

Yes, as long as we are open, the fun is available for all.

Do you offer any type of special events specifically designed with kids or families in mind?

Right now we don’t have a specific family night, because it’s always family night!  We are excited to partner with Jax Moms Blog on Sunday, Feb 26th for its 2nd Annual Family Foodie event.  We will look to do more events like this in the spring and summer.

Engine 15 Brewing Downtown Biergarten (photo by Linda Johnson)

Why do parents enjoy visiting your Downtown site?

Our biergarten is fully enclosed, so parents can visit with friends and relax without worrying about their kids – they can see them at all times.  They also don’t have to worry if the kids are loud, and there’s no need to worry about bothering other people – it’s a fun, easy environment. We have been building a fun crowd since we opened.

Who do you think has more fun when visiting the Downtown site — kids or parents?

Great question – I’d say that’s a toss up. But as a mother, I know that if mama is happy, everyone is happy!

Do you have food options available?

We do not have food at the Downtown location, but guests are welcome to bring a picnic lunch or dinner.  We also have about 4 or 5 places that deliver regularly, so it’s very easy to fill your belly.

Engine 15 Brewing Downtown Biergarten (photo by Linda Johnson)

Did Engine 15 have a family-friendly theme in mind when designing the tap room and biergarten space at the production facility?

We did!  We knew that we needed something to set us apart from other places downtown. And, we have kids, so maybe it was a bit of a selfish idea – we want to bring our kids AND have a great craft beer. We are hoping to fill a need for family-friendly places in Jacksonville.

Will Engine 15 offer any specific family-friendly events in the future?

Definitely!  We are planning something fun for our anniversary downtown this year – we’ll be 7, so why not have a birthday party for ourselves that a 7-year old would love!  Our Oktoberfest here will also have a more family-friendly twist.

What do you think kids like best about their visits to the Engine 15 Downtown?

Our kids love the open space to run and play with friends.  Everyone seems to like our playhouse and old trucks that dig in the mulch.  Older kids jump into games of cornhole & horseshoes.

Engine 15 Brewing Company Downtown Production Facility (photo by Linda Johnson)

What would you like parents to know about Engine 15 Downtown?

We would LOVE to have you and your family to our tap room and biergarten.  It’s also a great place to have a party with adults and kids!  We’ve hosted a 2-year old’s birthday, also a 40th birthday – both are fun for all.  Dogs welcome, too.  We just want everyone to come and enjoy!


Linda Johnson, Certified Cicerone®