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Raisin Cake Orchestra

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The Raisin Cake Orchestra is a local band that specializes in mixing different styles of jazz in order to create a sound that is as unorthodox as their name. The term “raisin cake” is an analogy that is used to describe the expanding universe, but it is also a term used to describe underdogs.
The band itself features a double bass, guitar, drums, and either a clarinet or saxophone, depending on the performance. . The sound of the band is a trad sound and the band prides itself on having an old-school sound, but not an old-school feel. They make it a goal to connect newer styles of music to more classic sounds.
John Chapman, an English professor at the University of North Florida, is also currently the band’s bass player. He has been involved in music all of his life, but began to seriously practice playing the bass when he was 18 years old and joined a rock band. Chapman formed a jazz literature class for the English department at UNF, a course that combined both his love of English as well as his passion for music. The course requires students to form stories from music and by the end of the semester, each student performs a spoken word piece with jazz.
In the future, the Raisin Cake Orchestra is working its way to appearing more regularly at music festivals in the southeast. Cuba has a rising interest in American music, so traveling there to perform is also on the band’s wish list. But for now, a full debut album, following their recently released demo, is the band’s priority