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Run With Heart

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This Valentine’s day, give yourself some love by going for a run.  Coming off of the 26.2 with Donna Marathon weekend, love and giving back is definitely in the air.  In the 10th year running, 10,000 plus runners competed for a worthy cause of finishing breast cancer this past weekend, participating in events ranging from the 5k to the marathon to 100 miles (some people competed in multiple events).  Julie Stackhouse of Stackhouse Fitness, the overall female winner of the Donna Half Marathon shares a few hearty benefits of “treating” yourself right during the month of February and beyond.

  1.  Sharing the love – running for a cause not only helps others less fortunate than you, you also feel great about sharing your passion with others and giving back through the sport you love.  The Donna Marathon weekend experience is all about giving back.  All of the proceeds raised go towards helping women in need who are battling breast cancer as well as to the Mayo Clinic for breast cancer research to put a stop this disease once and for all.
  2. Heart healthy – Running consistently can lead to the lowering of blood pressure, lower resting heart rates, lower cholesterol and other indicators of heart health.
  3. Heart rate training – I will address this in more detail in the near future but every gadget exists these days to help you monitor your heart rate – from resting to peak in tough workouts or races.  Heart rate training can help prevent some of the common mistakes made by beginner runners in training and racing.

Missed out on the Donna weekend?  Don’t stress, listed below are a few upcoming charity road races you can wrap your heart around:

  1. Ortega River Run 2/25/17 – benefits St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School
  2. MOO-VE It 5k – 3/4/17 – benefits North Florida School of Special Education
  3. Kilwin’s Run – 3/4/17 – benefits Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech