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Sports Medicine Moment: Common Foot Injuries – Arch Sprains

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Sports Medicine Moment: Common Foot Injuries – Arch Sprains

Written By: Tristen Robinson

Tristen Robinson, M.S., ATC, LAT is a BUZZ Gear Up Blogger and an instructor at Andrew Jackson High School, for the sports medicine magnet program. Checkout the program’s Facebook page at Andrew Jackson High School Sports Medicine.


As we round out common foot injuries, we end with…arch sprains. The foot has three arches: transvers, medial, and longitudinal. The transverse arch is positioned on top of the foot; medial arch, located on the inside of the foot; longitudinal arch is along the outside of the foot. Either one of these arches can be sprain. As a reminder, a sprain is an over-stretch of a ligament and ligaments connect bone to bone.

Each arch of the foot assists with support and balance of the foot in relation to the body. When the integrity of the arch is compromised by a sprain, subsequent balance, movement and shock absorption are also compromised. Not only do arch sprains affect the foot, it can cause problems up the body’s kinetic chain including the knee, hip, and back.

Arch sprains can be acute, meaning they happen after a traumatic force to the foot; or it can occur over time due to overuse. There are other causes to arch sprains including but not limited to, being overweight, fatigue, training on hard surfaces, and wearing improper footwear.

Even though arch sprains are common and caused by many different variables, treatment for them is somewhat simple. Rest, ice, compression, and elevation are the basis for arch sprain treatment. In addition, therapy exercises prescribed the appropriate medical professional can help expedite the healing process and get you back on your feet….pun intended.


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