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Sports Medicine Moment: Common Foot Injuries – Plantar Fasciitis

Sports Medicine Moment: Common Foot Injuries – Plantar Fasciitis

Written By: Tristen Robinson


Tristen Robinson, M.S., ATC, LAT is a BUZZ Gear Up Blogger and an instructor at Andrew Jackson High School, for the sports medicine magnet program. Checkout the program’s Facebook page at Andrew Jackson High School Sports Medicine.

As we continue on with common injuries to the foot, our next injury is plantar fasciitis (pronounced fash – e – eye- tis). Probably one of the most common overuse injuries of the foot, planar fasciitis (PF) is inflammation of the plantar fascia (wide non-elastic ligament on the bottom of the foot).  The plantar fascia is one of the main supports of the arch of the foot. Cross country and track/field athletes are the one “most” affected by this injury. Other sports in which PF is common are football, volleyball, and basketball.

If someone has PF, the may complain of pain on the bottom of the foot, more commonly the heel. This pain is more pronounced when the person bears weight on that foot after long periods of rest. In addition, the pain will also be more prominent before and after physical activity.

Treatment for PF consists of therapeutic rehabilitation, ice, massage, and correcting foot mechanical errors; this can be done with orthotics, supports tape, or simply changing footwear. Having the appropriate healthcare professional evaluate and diagnosis your foot with this condition is the first step to treatment and proper healing.


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