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Sports Medicine Moment: National Athletic Trainer’s Month – Why Athletic Training?

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Sports Medicine Moment: National Athletic Trainer’s Month – Why Athletic Training?

Written by Tristen Robinson

Tristen Robinson, M.S., ATC, LAT is a BUZZ Gear Up Blogger and an instructor at Andrew Jackson High School, for the sports medicine magnet program. Checkout the program’s Facebook page at Andrew Jackson High School Sports Medicine.


With the increase number of physically active children, youth, and adults, it is more important than ever to have medically trained professionals. We’ve talked about everything from what an Athletic Trainer is, what they know (educational), and where they can work, now I think it is important to understand why. Why this profession? Why now?

Anyone who has ever had a personal experience with a good Athletic Trainer can understand why. Athletic trainers where many hats. Sometimes we have to be your friend, your family, your doctor, your nurse, and your coach; understanding that not every athlete/patient is going to need the same or want whatever hat you have to wear for them. Needless to say, you do so anyway because it is for their benefit. I want to take a moment to share what lead me to this profession.

I was a freshman on the basketball team at the University of South Florida and undecided on what I wanted to study. I knew what subjects I enjoyed (sports, science, psychology, etc.), I also knew my options so when it came time for me to choose, and I was stuck. It was either a path in sports management or sports medicine. I didn’t know how I was going to decide. Then one day, I received a call from my mother. She told me that a friend I grew up playing basketball with, father passed away. He died of a massive heart attack while playing pick-up basketball. I was understandably heartbroken because this news came out of the blue. My mother then went on to tell me that, while there were plenty of people at the gym, NO ONE knew what to do. I couldn’t stop thinking about that and what I would have done in that situation. It was then I decided, if I’m ever in a situation like that I want to know what to do, and have the capacity to do it. I know you may be thinking, I could have just gotten a CPR certification and went on my merry way. But it was more to me than that. I could make a career being trained to handle those type of emergency situations as well as assist with someone recovering from non-life threatening injuries. I made the choice then, and haven’t looked back since.

I cannot speak for everyone, but I can say I am proud to call myself an Athletic Trainer. The profession has afforded me opportunities and relationships I cherish until this day. Whatever your passion is, use it to make your life and other’s just a little bit better. In athletic training, you don’t get into it for the money or fame, but you do it for the simple pleasure of being a part of someone achieving their goals: to get back to playing, back to work, or back to just being them; and you can’t put a price on that.


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