Are You Out of Time?

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Robert Zinsser is currently the president of Get in the Game, a company that specializes in helping businesses with sales coaching as well as performance. Recently, Zinsser has partnered with Daniel Narvaez, a marketing consultant, to come up with a workshop titled Are You Out of Time?. The seminar focuses on serving to educate those that wish to start a new business or those that are looking to increase the sales of their current business.

The pair also co-authored a book together titled Out of Time, which is complimentary material to the workshop and contains the same subject matter. Zinsser authored all of the chapters on sales, while Narvaez wrote the chapters on marketing. They note the fact that the main focus of both the workshop and the book is about personal brand building and the steps that a business must take in order to be successful.

In the future, Zinsser is planning on speaking at numerous business conferences throughout the United States in order to branch out and connect.