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What are you up against?

Ben Harris is a BUZZ Blogger. He is the co-founder of MB Nutrition, a company that sells a top rater pre-workout supplement made for explosive energy for weightlifters.


“How did you do that?” or “What did you do?” are questions I get quite often. With starry eyes and bright smiles, I have friends and family expecting some magic formula as my response. Like there is some secret out there that only the true successful know. This could not be farther from the truth. Being an entrepreneur boils down to a couple of things. Desire backed by organized planning and affirmative action. Key word there? Action. Starting a business will have its difficulties and setbacks, and you must be prepared for them. One thing I have not shied away from was making mistakes. When (not if) you do, know that it’s ok. You’re just figuring out ways that do not work! You are coming closer to your goals every time a setback occurs. I can do on and on about quantitative aspects and goals you must have, but you must have the right mindset. Truly believing and knowing you have what it takes to accomplish your entrepreneurial goals is the first and most important step you must take on this journey. I would compare it to laying the foundation of a house. With a good foundation, a house can withstand almost any disaster that comes its way.