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Youth Crisis Center

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The Youth Crisis Center has served as a haven for community children of Jacksonville since 1974.

CEO and President Kim Sirdevan has held many positions in her 17-year tenure. She started as a therapist for the organization and has also served as department manager, chief clinical officer and clinical director.

“We provide a space for children who have experienced traumatic life events. There is very little opportunity in our community for residential programming for children who are in crisis,” Sirdevan said. “I`m just proud to be a part of continuing a program that’s been in existence for 43 years.”

She said those at YCC continue to work toward expanding the organization by adding new programs and catering to an array of children.

Sirdevan believes being able to offer a variety of services is what makes the organization helpful to youth of many different backgrounds.

“I think it`s great that we are able to provide service when they need it on an emergent standpoint.” Sirdevan said.

YCC offers programs of many different focuses for affected youth. Mental stimulation, counseling and family-oriented are to name a few.

“Adolescence is hard for family members at times. A lot of times, families are disconnected and have different concerns,” Sirdevan said. “Families turn to us to try to help figure out how we can reunite them.

Children who need help can go to any YCC location where they see black and yellow safe place signs within the community.

Those who are interested in donating, volunteering or just finding out more about the Youth Crisis Center can visit the organization`s website at or call at 904-725-6662

“I want them to feel that there is hope and a safe space for them to come and get off the streets, I`m proud that we can stay relevant to our community`s needs,” Sirdevan said. “I think it`s huge that we have been able to impact our community positively by giving these children a safe place to come to try to improve their well-being.”